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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Install Clodflare CDN on your Blogger/Wordpress Blog [2017]

 Step by Step Guide to Install CDN - CloudFlare

You may have heard that there are too many professional bloggers are using CDN to make their site to load faster, but for your blogger site, you need to have your own domain like As it uses DNS of your site, so then only you can use CDN service for your blogger blog. You can check your current DNS on If you don’t have, then you need to purchase URL domain name for your blog or in addition, if you want web hosting as per your requirement get it from top dedicated web hosting companies listed as HostGator, BlueHost, GoDaddy and so on. So here I am assuming that you have your own domain name and you are aware of DNS settings. 

Follow the steps as it written:

  • Go to CloudFlare site and sign up on A
    dd your website and click on 'Scan DNS Records'. This will take 60sec. to scan DNS records.
  • Next window will show the DNS Records for Here you need to check and verify all DNS settings & nameservers are same as per your domain provider, if not, then you can easily add here A, AAAA, and CNAME records. Then click on Continue.
    • Select a CloudFlare Plan as a FREE WEBSITE. If you want you may go with Pro, Business or Enterprise Website plan to get more advanced features of CDN. Click on Continue.
    • In next window, you need to change your nameservers on your domain name provider site. Copy nameservers from CloudFlare and paste as they suggested on your domain provider website. This process can take up to 24 hours to fully functional. Note that, your website will not experience any downtime when you change your nameservers. After that click on continue.
    • Now you will get the status of your site getting added into CloudFlare. It requires 24hours to be processed. Your site will remain available throughout the switch. 
    [I would like to suggest you to recheck nameservers after 20 to 30 min, it will get active if you did all above steps correctly]

    Now CloudFlare CDN server started to cache all your site data and contents including JavaScript’s, CSS, & HTML for better serving to all of your visitors from all over the globe. From then, you will see improvements not only in website loading but also in page views, bounce rate along with security protection against traffic surges.

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