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Friday, 4 May 2018

Busy 18 Universal Patcher Download all version full featured

BusyWin Accounting Software Crack

Busy 18 crack
Hi readers, In this post, we have the stable release of the Busy 18 rel 1.0 here available for download to the members of our blog. So if you want to download the Busy 18 rel 1.0 stable release setup and purchase the universal patcher of Busy 18 crack download free Scroll Down below.
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So, Whats new in Busy 18 Accounting Software? Let's see

Release Notes – BUSY 18
Release 1.2 (30-08-2018)

Major Changes

• ‘BUSY License Subscription Model’ introduced. Users having an active BLS will get free upgrades and other value-added services (GSTIN Validation, Auto E-Way Bill generation etc.) for one year. After expiry, BLS can be renewed again for one year.
• BUSY 18 universal patcher Data Exchange Platform (BDEP) introduced. To be used to exchange data among BUSY users and interact with other applications via the internet:
a. Enable in configuration, specify/create a BDEP ID.
b. Specify BDEP ID in Party Master.
c. Specify in voucher configuration whether to upload voucher on BDEP.
d. After voucher saving upload voucher to BDEP.
e. Utility to download the voucher from BDEP and check the status of vouchers sent to BDEP.
• Busy Mobile App introduced for reporting:
a. Install App in Mobile.
b. Enable Mobile App feature in BUSY.
c. Make provision for the port in Firewall & Router.
d. Start BUSY and open company data.
e. Start using App in mobile.
• Provision made to generate E-Way Bill No. within BUSY:
a. Enable in GST/VAT configuration.
b. Create GSP username and password on E-Way Bill portal to allow access through Webtel GSP.
c. Specify GSP User Name and password in configuration.
d. The user would be prompted to generate E-Way Bill after voucher saving.
e. Bulk generation of E-Way Bill available as Transactions GST Misc. Utilities E-Way Bill Management.
f. The user can update Transport Details and Print Invoice from above utility after generation of E-way Bill Nos.

Bugs Removed

• Stock ledger printing in one unit along the value of items, the improper format was being printed. Now the problem rectified.
• Printing Inventory voucher for Material Issue/Receipt voucher having central Party, CGST/SGST columns were getting created in the voucher. Now the problem rectified.

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